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Safety Assurance

The number one priority for every company should be safety. At CT Wilson Construction, we strive to implement procedures that educate and hold accountable each individual assigned to every job to guarantee that the highest standards of safety are being met. Maintaining a safe environment for our employees, our consultants, our subcontractors, our clients, our visitors, and our neighbors is critical to the success of every project. The following characteristics are incorporated into every project:

  • Training, Certifications, and Competent Persons
    Understanding potential jobsite hazards and their prevention is the first step in creating a safe work environment. At least one CT Wilson Construction site employee has received OSHA 10-hour or OSHA 30-hour training in addition to specialty OSHA certifications including but not limited to: lockout/tagout, aerial lifts, confined spaces, fall protection, hand and power tool safeguards, slips and falls, scaffolding, ladder safety, machine guarding, respiratory protection, welding, etc. Only trained, certified, and competent persons are allowed to operate heavy machinery or perform high-risk/high-skill tasks.  Certain project managers have also received OSHA certifications and all office personnel have attained and keep current first aid/CPR training. Continuing education is required at CT Wilson Construction and all team members are encouraged to pursue further training in safety regulations and practices.
  • Jobsite Orientation and Weekly Safety Meetings
    Preceding the commencement of each job, a mandatory jobsite orientation is held to inform all site personnel of the safety expectations for the duration of the job. All of our literature is available in both English and Spanish to assure that all individuals are knowledgeable and aware. Throughout the course of the job, the Superintendent or Site Supervisor shares additional information on a current industry safety topic as part of the Weekly Safety Meeting. Additionally, a weekly safety inspection is performed by both the Project Manager and the Superintendent to guarantee site safety compliance. Each day, the Superintendent reviews the construction activity for each subcontractor and facilitates a meeting with every foreman and crew, covering hazards for the specific activity and make safe solutions. Every person on site is then asked to sign their specific Safety Task Assignment sheet as an effort to promote accountability and alertness.
  • Safety Coordinator and Committee
    CT Wilson Construction employs a Safety Consultant to assist our Safety Committee which is comprised of a revolving group of the company’s managerial staff. The Safety Committee is responsible for staying abreast of industry changes and informing the company of those changes. The Safety Committee also tracks incident reports for assessment and annual filings. Additionally, the Safety Consultant and Safety Committee perform random jobsite inspections and coordinate jobsite safety orientations for larger jobs.
  • Personal Protective Equipment and Identification
    All individuals who access a jobsite are required to wear safety glasses, reflective vests or bright clothing, steel-toed boots, and hardhats. Gloves and respirators are task dependent. Typically, if a jobsite is within an occupied building, we ask that our subcontractors and employees don company-identifying clothing or badges. All site personnel accessing jobsites that require increased safety measures, like schools or hospitals, are subject to more rigorous requirements.
  • Signage, Boundaries, Staging, and Access
    Isolating the construction site is necessary especially when working in an occupied facility or adjacent to an occupied space. Fencing, traffic barriers, temporary walls, or plastic dust partitions can all be used to clearly demark a construction area. Prior to the commencement of any construction work, the construction boundary is clearly defined. Parking, material storage, delivery routes, and access points are also established. Signage is posted in English and Spanish to explain access points, safety expectations, and rules. Hazardous areas are clearly barricaded and marked.
  • Maintenance
    In addition to the Weekly Safety Inspections, general housekeeping is performed to keep the jobsite clean and clear of potential hazards. Trash is disposed of regularly and materials and tools are kept in secure areas.In the unlikely event that an issue is to arise, CT Wilson Construction is committed to responding to the situation quickly and responsibly to ensure that no further unsafe situations remain. We encourage anyone who witnesses a potentially hazardous situation or unsafe behavior to report it to their supervisor immediately. These standards are critical to our effort of implementing the highest standard of safety on all of our jobs.